CRIB Lighting was created in 2022 by IoT experts, with almost a century of combined experience in developing hundreds of buildings, building components, high tech products, and wirelessly connected systems.

The team has expertise in wireless sensors and systems, energy, building automation, architecture, construction, lighting, human factors, useability, human-machine interfaces and many other relevant domains that need to come together to create beautiful and highly functional devices. By expertise, we mean creating things in the world that are the first, the best and the only, nothing less.

We have always kept the user in mind, but we have not ignored, and often we prioritized the experience of the professionals designing or installing the pieces of art that we create into the buildings.

We hope you enjoy designing in, installing and using our products. We believe our devices make spaces look far better than they otherwise would look, make your buildings more valuable, and your installation way easier. 

We are The Lighting Control Company. We love what we do, we believe that you will too.