Easy to Deploy

CRIB Lighting is designed for ease of deployment
The components communicate to each other as soon as they are powered up
An infrastructure such as a WiFi network is not required for deployment
The setup process is easy to understand and can be completed within a few simple steps.
No wiring is required for additional features such as multi-way control or occupancy based control.
No subscription to a third party system is required for deployment

Easy to Use

Wall mounted units control the lighting functions
CRIB Lighting is about attractive and user friendly devices and interfaces
Control the zone from a single wall unit or multiple units for multi-way control
Control your lighting from mobile applications, even without a network
Adjust the lighting levels one by one or in groups
No subscription to a third party system is required

Easy to Scale

Integrate into building management systems for building level control
Remotely manage by networking into an existing WiFi or Ethernet networks
Securely access the historical and real time lighting conditions, set schedules for
lighting of your building.

In-Zone Connections

Local and Wide Area Connections