Step By Step Setup

frequently asked questions

Display Name must be entered between 3 and 25 letters or numbers. Special characters are not allowed.

ON :   On power up, lights turn on

OFF :   On power up, lights turn off

KEEP LAST :   On power up, lights keep their last states

It rotates the screen view 90 degrees with each touch in case the wall unit is installed sideways or upside down.

Before you can use touchless controls, you must allow proximity controls.

The proximity activation distance value allows you to determine how far away you want to control contactless controls from the display.

You should test with keeping your hand.

It shows the networks that are available to connect.

You should choose the network in which CRIB Lighting and ATX LED HUB run.

You can tap the eye icon in the right side of the password input area.

If you turn it on, then that WiFi is remembered and you don’t have to enter your password again.

Disconnect from your selected network to connect to another.

It might be caused if you have chosen auto reconnect previously. You must use the selected network.

They are all written under the network selection info page. You can access the page by using the icon of your current network.

It is a unique identifier assigned to a network interface controller for use as a network address in communications within the network segment.

Go to network selection. Use the i button to go to the network selection info page. Press the disconnect button.

Go to Data Network - Network Selection. Use the i button to go to the network selection info page. Press the forget wifi network button

Hub code is the last 4 digits number of ATX’s MAC address. You can see it on the ATX LED Hub box.

It is written on the box of ATX LED.

ATX IP Address is IP of ATX’s MAC address.

It confirms the hub code or IP address you entered. This code or IP address must match exactly the one on the ATX server.

On the Lighting Network / ATX Network screen, tap on or the dropdown next to the HUB you want to change. You will see an edit icon in the expanding window below. When you tap this icon, you can enter the new Hub Code or new IP address.

If there is a double relay or different two groups in the same place, you should choose the double relay layout, if there is a single connection, then you should choose the single layout.

That might be caused by hardware or server infrastructures. Please make sure your light is determined as dimmable by the network.

 You should discover the lights and sensors. (by the button)

You can select multiple sensors or lights and you can match them.

In the configure screen, there is a customized sorting icon. You can drag and drop to sort.