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CRIB Town is the pioneer in Smart Home technology. CRIB Town citizens use CRIB Home technology that monitors and controls their houses and community.

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Energy for the Town

Powered by renewable energy, CRIB Town harvests energy from solar fields and stores the excess energy above the demand. The people use the stored energy based on their changing needs using the CRIB Home technology.

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Energy for your home

Citizens of CRIB Town can monitor their homes energy usage and the energy efficiency of the buildings, claiming their independence from the grid, through CRIB Home. Being able to monitor their homes’ solar generation, minimized grid need, and battery energy storage capacities, citizens have the ultimate control for their energy needs! 

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Monitoring your Solar Health

CRIB Home monitors the condition of solar panels. The solar panels might get dirty, they might be shaded by the trees or might somehow be damaged. Real time health-check on the condition of the solar panels keeps CRIB Town going at the peak efficiency at all times.

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Monitor your Energy Usage

CRIB Town citizens value energy efficiency. Citizens can now monitor their individual energy consumption, and make changes to their usage accordingly!

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Control your Circuitry from one location (wall mounted display) (change title)

Nobody wants to go out and reset their circuit breaker. Now with the touch of a button, control all the loads in your home with ease! CRIB Home operates with leading load control panels, smart breakers or off-the-shelf relay arrays that can disconnect any load when needed.

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Climate Controls

Control the HVAC or Mini-Split units from anywhere! CRIB Town citizens can access and manage their homes’ temperature and humidity levels from anywhere, both in and out of the house!

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CRIB Home keeps the town’s citizens safe and informed about the activity in and around their homes. It has sensors that detect suspicious activity. Camera data can also be integrated.

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Control your Lighting Inside and Out

CRIB Home allows the citizens to be able to control all their lighting fixtures, indoors, outdoors and common areas including the famous lighthouse of CRIB Town!

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Manage Maintenance Calls

Whenever a citizen needs support for their home, maintenance is a button away. With integrated Maintenance Support Management, citizens can call the appropriate support team in a matter of seconds.

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Monitor Water Reserves

CRIB Home monitors the valuable water reserves in every home.

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CRIB Home operates with leading EV charging stations.

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CRIB Home manages generators and even monitors the energy stored in their fuel tanks.

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Most importantly, CRIB Home operates with all the leading Sunspec compliant inverter brands to make sure the quality and quantity of power delivered to each home serves to maximize the comfort of its user. 

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