The Modern You

Our mission is to provide the highest value for the end user, such as comfort, convenience, striking looks, and zero cognitive load.

Striking Looks

Developed by professionals with decades of experience in creating buildings that are one of a kind, our user interfaces look beautiful. Our products will be the centerpiece of your showroom.

No Tie-In

If you are looking for simplicity in the use of a smart home system without depending on a third party external system with a subscription, we support the idea. CRIB Lighting system uses cutting edge technology for self-sufficiency and offers the convenience of any wireless lighting system for complete independence.

No Wireless Infrastructure Required

CRIB Lighting system is designed for zone by zone or room by room controls with built-in wireless connections. For initial deployment, you do not have to set up a separate wireless network, connect to the internet, or put in any extra effort to deploy a third party hardware or software to get your lighting system up and running.

Multi-Way Controls

Multiway controls come intrinsically by our architecture. There is no additional wiring, connection for a second, third or more controllers to be added to a zone, they all work in tandem by architecture.

Intelligence by Architecture

Our architecture features a self healing and self configuring capability. Conveniently add a new device or easily replace a device in the system.

Occupancy Driven Lighting Controls

Required by code or not, our lighting system includes occupancy sensors that help the end user save in energy cost, as well as offering the convenience of turning the lighting on, off or adjusting the lighting at a desired illumination level. Timers are built-in and can be adjusted from the wall mounted control units for each light. What is unique about the system is you do not need to run wires for additional occupancy sensors and multiple sensors can control one light, or multiple lights can be controlled by one sensor. Our product portfolio features wireless occupancy sensors that can be placed at strategic points inside a space, alternatively you can choose a load controller with an integrated occupancy sensor which is typical for commercial installations of high bay or low bay lights.

Lighting as a Security Element

You can configure your lighting system to react to motion outside your home by randomly turning the lights on and off and providing a feel of occupancy when you are away. If configured, you can arm your system to detect motion inside your home while you are away, and receive alerts regarding the possibility of a potential breach.

Mood Lighting Controls

The character of any building that uses mood lighting can be changed on a moment's notice. You can have your guests walk into a different ambiance every time you host, or simply celebrate by picking a color scheme for the occasion by using colorful, dynamic and mood setting colors and light shows.

Savings from LED Lighting

Our products operate best with LED lighting that saves you energy and time. If you are installing in or running a commercial operation, anytime you need to change a lighting element is lost time and lost money from your operation. LEDs, due to their reliability save the most amount of dollars due to the long lifespan. These savings are in addition to the intrinsic efficiency and energy cost savings nature of LED lighting elements.

Controls for Outdoor Lighting

Our UWMC-X04 product comes with a DMX interface which is suitable for RGB or RGBW (color or hue controllable) outdoor lighting applications with wired or wireless controls. Simply install the unit indoors and control the landscape with ever changing colors outdoors. An integrated set of relays can also control the power delivery to your fixtures while you are able to control the color or hue in each individual fixture.

High ROI Transformation

If you are remodeling the best return on your investment is lighting for bringing a modern look and setting the tone in your space according to the occasion.